Pool Assistance

We all love the relaxing feeling after a long day when you are able to just take off your clothes and jump in that beautiful pool. To just have a chill rest of the day is all your thinking about when you leave work or school. Pools are also a great way to get rid of kids when you need time to yourself. However there are times when pools have to get cleaned.

 The Maintenance

Whenever you own a pool you always need to make sure that you keep it clean. When it comes to pool service Fort Myers they make sure that filtering the water in your pool is their number one priority.  When it comes to maintaining the water levels they really know what they are doing. Especially when it comes to the amount of chemicals that they are putting in your waters of the pool. The chemicals rusts anything it comes in contact with and Calcium Hypochlorite (the most common type on the market) is a highly flammable oxidizer. Hiring people to clean your pool relieves you of the hassle of having to store the hazardous chemicals used to clean pools in your home.

Pool for swimming

In addition to the chemicals used to clean, vacuuming, brushing, and maintaining the PH level of your pool are all factors we consider. Brushing the loosens up the particles and dirt at the bottom for when the vacuuming portion of the process comes along it is easier for the vacuum to pick it up. Testing the PH level and making sure it comes out balanced is essential. A PH level of 7 is considered to be a health spot to keep it at as it avoids itchy and dry skin. For a safe and fun tub we highly recommend you have us take care of the backyard business. In conclusion you can definitely learn more at For Pool Assist.




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